A Beach Umbrella That Doesn't Blow Away!

The Sun Sail Cabana

Why the Sun Sail Cabana?

Stays Put In The Wind

Even in a heavy wind, your Sun Sail Cabana will stay put, allowing you to savor the 60 square feet of shade with no hassles.

Fast and Easy Setup/Takedown

Because the Sun Sail can be setup and taken down in seconds, you can enjoy more time smiling and enjoying the ocean views.

Durable, Machine Washable

Combine the machine-washable, non-rip material with the sturdy, lightweight poles and you'll never have to buy another beach umbrella.

Not Your Typical Beach Umbrella

The Sun Sail Cabana's patent-pending design will make you wonder how you ever survived with an old fashioned beach umbrella.


  • Two Colors - Solid Blue and Red/White stripe
  • 50 + UV Protection
  • Total weight: 7 pounds
  • Floorless, allowing toddlers to play in the sand
  • Cabana Size: 64 sq ft of shade
  • 6' 9"(W) x 8'(L) x 6' 6" (H - adjustable max)
  • Rear Extension Poles for a non-breezy day

Carrying on an Airplane?

In the carrying bag the Sun Sail is 50 inches long (just over 4 feet). There is nothing pointy or dangerous in the bag, but airlines are funny sometimes about what you can and canít carry on. Most of our customers check their sun sails with their luggage.

Replace your beach umbrella with a Sun Sail Cabana
You will love this portable sun shade
Put two together for more shade from the sun