The Sun Sail Cabana

"I love it! This sun shade is easy to set up and take down. I love windy days, watching everyone's beach umbrellas turn inside out while we relax under shade!"

-Megan B
Newport Beach, CA

"I've gone through at least 6 beach umbrellas in the past 5 years. They never last more than the season and usually break 1/2 way through. NO MORE BEACH UMBRELLAS for me! The Sun Sail is a perfect sun shade! It stays up on windy days and provides great shade while still letting the breeze through. I love this thing!"

-Mike F.
West Palm Beach, FL

"On my last trip to Delray Beach, I saw several of your sun shade's on the beach and asked where they had purchased them. One of the girls said she gets asked so much that she now carries your information to the beach! Thank you ....you have a great product that is way better than a beach umbrella!"

-Rebecca C.
Indianapolis, In

"Everyday someone asks us where we got our Sun Sail...we bought this beach shade in 2012 and couldn't be happier! They look gorgeous on the beach and are so easy to set up and take down....I watch expensive tents break and beach umbrellas fly down the beach...but my Sun Sail just sails in the wind!"

- Bobbi K.
Atlantic City, AT

"Totally terrific... To Hell with beach umbrellas... This sun shade makes a great statement..."

- Steu P.
South Padre Island, TX